The Village

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The IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign that we have been working hard to put together is Live as of August 15th! Please check it out.   And you can watch our campaign video right here…


Foster Village Sidewalk ViewFoster Village is an urban intentional community in the Heart of Foster, in Portland, Oregon.  11 members live in 3 homes (2 century-old homes & a 3-yr old strawbale home) and nearly 1/3 of an acre of land on what looks like a single plot. We own two of the homes and rent the 3rd.

We share many weekly meals, care for annual and perennial gardens, keep chickens, ducks, cats & bees.  We make collective decisions on how to use our land, how to govern ourselves and to provide for our collective needs.

In addition, we radiate our gifts & talents out into the world by actively coordinating projects in our local neighborhood schools & organizations (see the How We Live tab).  We also share our unique model with others in order to inspire and assist in the creation of more urban communities, no matter the form they take.


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